Jan. 8th, 2012

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Watched part one of Category 6 (a SyFy "original" from 2004), solely for the pleasure of watching Thomas Gibson in something other than CM.

I went into it, expecting the worst (yes, I've previously watched Boa vs.Python for David Hewlett, let us never speak of it again!), but was actually pleasantly surprised! The only anvil-like cliches takes place in the weather-office, but I didn't see the adultery in the happy family coming from a mile away, nor did I spot the daughter's criminal boyfriend. Even the overblown storm-chaser has redeeming qualities!

And, okay, so the last 10 minutes of the first part wasn't exactly stuff of shock. Of course everybody we've met, who are even remotely weak, ends up trapped somewhere without power and a mega-storm heading their way. Of course they do! But I'm actually kind of curious as to where they're going with some of the stuff they've introduced, as well as the whole infidelity-thing.

In short: Not as bad as expected, and Gibson, for some reason, actually looks older than he does in first-season CM?

ETA: OMG it's funny to see a Hotchalanche in a different character. Part 2 just got a hundred times better! XD

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Okay, so this thing actually sucked me in during the second part. Not least helped by a Hotchalanche byt not-Hotch.

Seriously, it was surprisingly good. The characters had agency, the plot twists didn't feel contrived, and I didn't feel that the big tie-up between the characters was out of the realm of the possible (yes, 2012, I'm looking at you!).

And, y'know, I got a soaking, dripping wet TG, changing a tyre in a rainstorm, so... I'm good *is shallow*. ;-)


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