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AKA - the 'Oh Boys!'-episde.

No, seriously. I said that out loud, like, 15 times in the first half hour. That was an amazingly crack'y episode, and it felt good! It was Neal and Peter and the two of them working together like they always have, and only occasionally remembering that Neal should be fretting about the whole Keller-debacle, and Peter should be mad at Neal over the whole treasure-thing. And then falling straight back into their ability to read each-other's freaking minds like it's nothing at all.

It was pretty much one favorite scene after another. Neal and the tickets. Neal outside the principal's office, giving apologizing-advice to the kid in trouble (and was it just me, or was that exactly what he'd just done himself, to Peter?). Neal thinking on his feet and knowing Peter would disapprove and doing it anyway because it's the best call he could make.

And Peter and Neal in the classroom, having a whole nother conversation in the subtext than the one they're having in text, and it's so freaking awesome!

Oh, BTW - I want to know why Peter knows Harry Potter. Like, whoa. There has to be fic, now.

And the fire-alarm. And Peter's early love for leggy brunettes (hello there Neal, my fine, leggy brunette!). And Neal and Mozzie running to Peter's rescue, because that's what Neal will always do, and Mozzie still loves Neal. And Elizabeth, counseling Peter that the right man is in prison, and to, basically, focus on what's important, which is that even before Keller, Neal gave up the treasure and Mozzie and his dream to stay with Peter!  And Neal, at the end there, being sneaky and making sure Peter'd go to the game, anyway. :-D

About the only thing that bugged me, was Mozzie and Neal forging the sonet and adding the roses. I got a feeling Neal agreed to it to keep Mozzie from going nuts with the waiting, but... yeah. Either way it wasn't exactly out of the 'how to get a girl to fall in love with you' handbook. And, anyway. They'd already done their job; gotten her to notice him, and that was the big hurdle. Everything after that was just... icky.

But, by and large. Neal! And Peter! And PeterAndNeal! .

... I mentioned that I love this show, right?


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