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First of all. Show, please stop giving so much screen-time to the unsub's fucked-up family. If I wanted to see a serial-killer at work, I would watch Dexter. Also, it makes it seem like the team is pretty much just flailing around until they stumble on the right combination of traits which is a)insulting to professional profilers, b) boring and pointless and c) not why I began watching CM.

Secondly; Hotch, I love you a lot, but if you want your girlfriend to meet your son, maybe you should be a little proactive in that direction. I know they're trying to portray you as adorably awkward, but they're going to end up making you seem like you're incapable of making adult, considered decisions on behalf of yourself and your son. Please break up with whatever writers thinks it's okay to push you in that direction.

Thirdly; Spencer, seriously, keep changing the way you have. The words; "What could possibly go wrong," ought to make any mother twitch (also - who the heck had Henry on race day?).

Lastly; RACE DAY! Weirdly, totally saved by the hung-over girls. Almost utterly borked by the appearance of Beth. Girl, you call your boyfriend for Hotchner? Oh, yeah. I feel the intimacy just sneaking up on me. Also... Am I weird for kinda wanting that scene to have been long enough to have seen her introduced to the team?

In summary; I'll go back to breaking Hotch and doing nasty, nasty things to Beth, now... *evil laughter*

Date: 2012-03-03 04:36 am (UTC)
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It's Kim Harrison. She's the unsub-loving writer, and without fail, every time I hate an episode, it's one she wrote. "Devil's Night", "Thirteenth Step" (still makes me shudder to think about rewatching that one. WAY gratuitous), "Proof" (another one that makes me shuuder), and this last one. I really wish they would let Rick Dunkle write more of the episodes, and make Kim STOP writing them.

(It doesn't hurt that Rick Dunkle went to college with my best friend, so even though he doesn't know me from Jack, I still feel a personal interest in him. LOL But I also just love his episodes.)

I did think it was weird she called him Hotchner, but maybe she'd been yelling Aaron for five minutes without him turning around....? LOL I dunno. I'm still not a Beth-hater, because I like seeing Hotch smile like that. But I'm not gonna start writing Hotch/Beth fics or anything. *G*


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