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Yeah. This is what happens when my negative thoughts get fed. I end up feeling like a total failure even though I missed one damn reminder and, subsequently, the class-meeting concerning our thesis(es?).

Then, all of a sudden, I can think of absolutely nothing positive about myself. I feel fat and useless and, yes, like a complete failure in every aspect of life. And then. Then the thoughts about how I'm never going to get a job or a boyfriend or friends start up, and that's when I'm about to pack it in.

Jeez. Sometimes I wish those thought-patterns weren't quite so deeply grooved.

BRB - siccing a pride of lions on those pesky rottweilers of negativity.

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I really didn't think it was possible that a slash fic involving only two guys that didn't even mention any women could be misogynistic. I now know better. Also, said fic contained violent abuse (as in; beating your partner purple (yes, that was the description of the bruises covering his *entire* backside)) with no better warning that BDSM.

Fandom, I am disappoint... :-(
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Okay, so this thing actually sucked me in during the second part. Not least helped by a Hotchalanche byt not-Hotch.

Seriously, it was surprisingly good. The characters had agency, the plot twists didn't feel contrived, and I didn't feel that the big tie-up between the characters was out of the realm of the possible (yes, 2012, I'm looking at you!).

And, y'know, I got a soaking, dripping wet TG, changing a tyre in a rainstorm, so... I'm good *is shallow*. ;-)
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Watched part one of Category 6 (a SyFy "original" from 2004), solely for the pleasure of watching Thomas Gibson in something other than CM.

I went into it, expecting the worst (yes, I've previously watched Boa vs.Python for David Hewlett, let us never speak of it again!), but was actually pleasantly surprised! The only anvil-like cliches takes place in the weather-office, but I didn't see the adultery in the happy family coming from a mile away, nor did I spot the daughter's criminal boyfriend. Even the overblown storm-chaser has redeeming qualities!

And, okay, so the last 10 minutes of the first part wasn't exactly stuff of shock. Of course everybody we've met, who are even remotely weak, ends up trapped somewhere without power and a mega-storm heading their way. Of course they do! But I'm actually kind of curious as to where they're going with some of the stuff they've introduced, as well as the whole infidelity-thing.

In short: Not as bad as expected, and Gibson, for some reason, actually looks older than he does in first-season CM?

ETA: OMG it's funny to see a Hotchalanche in a different character. Part 2 just got a hundred times better! XD

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So I'm watching 3x15 A Higher Power for, like, the 15th time because I'm writing fic about it, and I think, yet again, that mrs. Baleman seems incredibly familiar, and I finally think, hey, I've got my iPad at hand, I might as well just check. Cue a painfully hard *facepalm* when I look her up and realize she's Gabrielle from Xena. You know, that TV-show I bought recently because I had a craving for re-watching? Yeah... that.

My idiot-being cred? Just rose by about a million, didn't it?
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So... my transfer to http://dhae-knight-1.dreamwidth.org/ is now complete, and aside from a little housekeeping, I'm very happy about how it looks.

Like I said, I'll keep this journal (although downgrade it to free), so you won't get rid of me entirely, but I'll probably be here more rarely, since I have to turn on my computer to be able to comment.
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So... Since Livejournal's latest update pretty much broke commenting from an iPad, which is what I use primarily for my internet-access these days, I've reconsidered my plans to buy a paid account here, and decided to spend my money on Dreamwidth in stead.

It'll take a few weeks for me to move everything, and I'll be keeping my free account here, if only to keep track of whoever aren't on Dreamwidth, but with their community-import going live next week, I foresee a lot of communities at least backing up to DW.

So if anybody reading my journal here wants to follow me over there, my name is Dhae_knight_1 (to keep it apart from my fic-journal, which is Dhae_knight). Drop me a line with your username on DW if you've got one - I'd love to keep following as many of my LJ friends as I can. :-)

(Also, Dreamwidth has open account creation at the moment, and they run a friendly, helpful ship, so if you're ever going to change from LJ, please consider them. If you miss open account creation, there a places where you can get an invite code for the price of asking.)
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Geez, LJ. Way to piss off your users. Oh, well, I'm already on Dreamidth with a paid account; maybe I should just add a few more journals over there... *hums*
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So... that was Criminal minds, up to and including the last aired episode. Excellent! *starts watching again, from episode one, with an eye towards writing fic* :-D
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So... ever since Hotch revealed that his favorite album is the White Album, and ever since I listened to it, I've been thinking that 'While my guitar gently weeps' is kinda perfect for a Hotch-centric vid. Only... would that be too sappy?
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Okay. I confess. Hotch is absolutely my favorite character; the one I bleed for and cry for and spend way too much time thinking about.

But there's so much juice, there, so much hidden and hinted at, and it's all damn fascinating!

Like Hotch's dad and the question whether he abused wee!Hotch or not.

My take on it is that he did, and here's where it gets interesting. The show gives two causes of death for 'dad'. A heart-attack, and cancer. So what if there wasn't one dad, but two?

Hear me out, here. What if Aaron's birth-dad was the one abusing him? And his mom didn't do anything (at least from wee!Hotch's POV) to stop him. Assuming that Aaron and Sean has the same dad (although, really, they don't look very much alike, but I suppose one could take after the dad and one the mom), what if, not long after Sean was born, mom took him and Aaron and left abusive!dad.

She got remarried, and new!dad was the lawyer, who died of cancer. And abusive!dad died of a heart-attack. IMHO, this could explain a lot of things WRT Aaron, Sean and the canon inconsistensies.

Also - entirely non-CM-related. Thank god for my kitten. There's nothing quite like an insistently purring cat when you're having a panic-attack for no discernable reason.
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Valley of the fucking creepy living dolls? Reid is a bad-ass! Also... Yum! I like his new wardrobe. Am now writing wardrobe-fic.

Hotch... Oh, Hotch! From Rossi and Hotch talking about ex-wives and the daughter-prostitute who didn't understand why anyone would divorce Hotch, straight on through Haley's death and single!daddy Hotch, I seriously just want to pet him. I'm truly impressed with Gibson.

Morgan's brief stint as team lead? Meh. Spent the entire vamp-episode in L.A. thinking about what an amazing cross-over that could be with Vampire, the masquerade, and with Morgan getting to meet the Prince of the City, but having to defer to Hotch, becausr, let's face it, Hotch could totally stare down a centuries-old vampire boss.

Also? I would absolutely pay for an NCIS crossover. Hotch and Gibbs would spark like crazy, Tony and Morgan would be exchanging dating-tips. Reid would adore Ducky (and vice versa), Abby and Garcia would get along like a house on fire. And Emily and JJ could have a crack at telling Ziva why crusing on a co-worker is a phenomenally bad idea, and how she should really grab CIRay while she's got him.

Not to mention the headache Hotch could cause Fornell... XD
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Wow. Haley doesn't get Hotch *at all*, does she? "This is who I am!" "No, this is what you *do*."

At that point, I really think the best thing she could do was to walk out and leave him, 'cause if she thinks he could be happy working 9-5, putting away swindlers and forgerers, she really don't get what it is he does, or why. :-/
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Okay, Revelations? First up, that's some pretty amazing acting all the way around.

Second? The Hotch/Reid friendship is so freaking canon! Seriously; Hotch mentors Reid (okay, would have thought that would be Gideon). And when the chips are down, Hotch is the one Reid trusts to get his hint, not Gideon. Rightfully so, since it seems Gideon would have dismissed it as Reid being delusional or something.

And again Gideon freaks me out with his little monologue. That guy is pretty unhinged, sometimes.

Oh, also? I absolutely adore the little pre-case scene with the film-canister rocket. Reid entertaining the girls, Hotch being all stern and boss-like - but then softening up. And that smile when he turns away? Noo... I have *no* idea where all the fics of the girls setting the two of them up comes from... XD
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Got a good start on season 2. Gideon is occasionally... extremely creepy. When Elle was shot, in the waiting-room when he tries to convince himself that 'she'll understand I did the right thing'? That freaked me out.

I love how the characters evolve. How Hotch having a child means he can no longer maintain his professional distance in cases involving children. Or how Elle really didn't get over getting shot.

Also? Hotch might as well change his name legally to HOTchner. I need an icon to that effect. Mnuh.

BTW - how long did it take me to figure out that I knew Spencer's mom from Glee? O.o XD
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God. LDSK. Hotch. Reid. ER with unsub. Guh.

... that's the actual extent of my brainfunction after that episode. I surrender. I'm hooked.
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So I went to the vet today, having scheduled Zasha's third vaccine.

When I got there, the vet was on the phone, so I just stayed in their store with Zasha, waiting until he was done. Still on the phone, without saying even a 'hello', he grabbed Zasha's crate, and put it into the clinic. Well, okay.

Still on the phone, he starts pulling out syringes and stuff. Okay, so he's probably busy or something. Then, still without talking to me, he pulls Zasha out of the crate and says - to the person on the phone - just a second, I just gotta sedate a cat. At which point I go 'huh?', but this guy's still on the phone, and it's my first trip to the vet; what do I know?

So... Another dude walks into the clinic, and the vet starts talking to this guy. And talking. And talking. Bear in mind he's still said nothing to me. And in the middle of this conversation with this other guy, the vet turns to me and says; "So, he's here to be neutered, right?" at which point I go; "Uh, no? He's here for a vaccine!"

So the doc sedated my cat because the next cat in was supposed to get neutered. Because he didn't take 30 seconds to verify who the hell I was!

On top of this, Zasha's reacted pretty badly to the sedation. In stead of the 45 minutes the vet warned me of, it took him 3 hours (and a trip back to the vet) for him to even wake up. Even now, 7 hours later, he totters around, and spends the vast majority of time sleeping. And I just let the vet know how shocked I am at his treatment.

I hope Zasha is feeling much better tomorrow, but I will figure out where to complain and do so just as soon as I've got the attention to spare. If that damn phonecall was so important, he should've finished it before starting treatment. :-/
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Here's a question for the ages: When did we begin turning backwards? When did we stop looking to and dreaming about the future?

I saw that question somewhere, and, thinking about it, I kind of feel like Star Trek is a pretty good indicator of when the future started changing from something we dreamt about, and hoped for - and turned into something we don't want to look too closely at, unless we're pretty certain it's safe.

The Original series, from 1966-69 was leaps and bounds ahead of anything else. It turned Sci-fi into main-stream entertainment in a way that wouldn't really be replicated until Star Wars came around a decade later. It showed us a universe much like the age of sail; they had a pretty good idea about the big picture, but there were still vast areas unexplored and undiscovered. It was a far more tolerant world than the US in the 60's, and it's probably safe to say that the dream Trek displayed of the future was part of the changes in the 70's. Original Trek was a dream about a world, three centuries into the future,

The Next Generation, from 1987-94 was just that; the next generation. Set a hundred years after the first series, it exists in a more ordered and thoroughly explored universe. One fraught with less uncertainty, and more moral qualms. It is, in many ways, a 'safe' future. It tells us 'don't worry - we'll make the universe a safe and ordered place'.

Deep Space Nine (1993-1999) and Voyager (1995-2001) took place just a few years - a decade at most, as far as I can tell - from Next Generation. The leap into the future had become more precarious, and undertaken with less gusto and bravery. Deep Space Nine explored a stationary space-station (situated at one end of a worm-hole, but still), while Voyager sent a ship hurtling deep into unfamiliar space, leaving them with an endless quest to get back home to safety. The days of bold exploration for the good of society were at an end, and there was a sense of 'home' and 'safety' being the absolutely overriding goals.

And then we arrive at Enterprise (2001-2005). The much-maligned prequel to the Original series, it did, by all accounts a fantastically poor job at pulling together all the lose ends that had developed in a 30-year canon. It took place at the end of the 22nd century - a hundred years prior to the original series. And it marked the end of the bold leaps forward. Now the showrunners looked back, in stead. Into the past of their cannon. Into (presumably) safer territory.

It's not a singular trend, either. Star Trek XI (2009) did exactly the same. Took us back to a time before the Original Series - but it was played even safer, and took the cast total of the Original series and played around with them. Did it well, certainly, but did it, again, without any leaps into the great, unknown future.

Star Wars did the very same. In stead of showing us the future - what happened after the war, with Leia, Han and Luke - it showed us 'safe ground', in the history's past; how Darth Vader came to be, and how the Empire rose. Here, even worse, we already knew how the movies would end. It was no surprise that Anakin would turn evil, nor that Palpatine would become the Emperor. No fear about the future needed - because we know where we're going.

What happened to make us scared of the future? When did we stop dreaming great dreams on behalf of all mankind?

When will we dream again?

Meet Zasha

Sep. 9th, 2011 03:05 pm
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So... I went and picked up my kitty yesterday afternoon. And I've already got pictures of him!Read more... )


Sep. 7th, 2011 08:08 pm
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So... just watched the last of Primeval season 5. Wow. And... WTF? What was with that ending? Is there going to be a sixth season? As far as I can read ITV's own webpage, season 4 was the last, so... not very helpful.

I'd say, overall, I find the latter part of season 3 the weakest. From Cutter's death and the season out wasn't terribly enjoyable, despite the idea of bringing in historical eras. And I liked season 4 better than season 5. The whole mystery about 'who's the bad guy' was watered out terribly by Philip turning out to being a good guy in the end.

Then again, while I think all bad guys need a reason to be bad, I do so enjoy an unappologetically bad guy.


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