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[Error: unknown template qotd]The story about the Danish politician and member of parliament, who's got a certain fondness for hunting and golfing - as long as it's the big-time companies who pays.

What you need to know, is that Denmark has a very strict gun-legislation. If you don't have a license, you don't get to even transport a gun - and even then, it needs to be broken apart (well, unless you're police or military, obviously).

Anyway, he gets invited on a hunt and goes 'yay'. Then he goes 'oh, wait, my hunting-rifle is 200 miles away. This is a problem.' Not any more of a problem than he sends his car and driver (strictly for use in his work) the 200 miles to pick up his rifle and deliver it to him.

This is where I get angry. The debate in the media have strictly been whether or not the driver could be charged (he'll probably end up getting a fine) for transporting a weapon illegally. Me? I'd have asked the question: "In which way is fetching you freakin' gun a part of your official duties - which are the only times you are allowed to use said car and driver???"

*deep breath*

Good news: The right judge won last night's X-factor final. All the way through, the two male judges have acted like downright bitches, putting down her contestants, voting them out and belittling everything from their looks to the stories being told about them in the press. One of them even - I kid you not - refused to comment on the performance of the eventual winner, but chose to direct his comments on how that song was all wrong, and the way she was dressed was horrible - all to the judge.

This woman (a brilliant performer in her own right, you'll probably know her as the female part of Infernal), rose above the petty bickering. Throughout the show, she conscientiously commented on good and bad as she saw it - on all contestants. And, without fail, she always found something nice to say about the contestants to balance the bad stuff she had to say.

The woman who won X-factor was brilliant. But the true winner for me? Was totally Lina Rafn.


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