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There's another storm, today. Perfect weather for dragons, if I'm right. I keep watching the sky, but so far, I haven't seen any.

I checked a few dragon-pages, and read up on the forums where those claiming to have seen a dragon write about their experiences. Myths, fairy-tales and lies, most of it.

Oh, I'm not saying that because I've seen a dragon from afar twice now, that I'm any expert on dragons. Far from it. I'm scientifically oriented enough to know that what I can offer right now is little more than speculation. But it's obvious that not everyone who claims to, have actually seen a dragon.

And then there are those where... I just don't know what to think. The guy who's seen a dragon feed; swoop down on a herd of cattle, like an eagle swooping down to catch a fish. Grabbing a cow without slowing, and immediately winging it's way back into the sky. The girl who claims to have talked to a dragon. Either she's got a really good imagination and is capable  of creating something entirely non-human, or else... or else she's actually talked to a dragon.

I don't know what to believe, today. I don't know who to trust, where to turn.

All I know is that I'd love to see another dragon. So I'll go back to watching the sky, now.
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 I saw another dragon today. Just a glimpse of one storm-driven wing, before it wheeled away and was gone from sight behind the red roof of a house. I'm starting to think they only fly when there's a storm around here. Makes sense. We don't have any high mountains with convenient ledges they can take off from. And at a guess, they're way too big to land in trees.

You ever seen a swan take off? It's not one of the most graceful things you can watch, but it is enlightening. Those big, big birds have to run across the water until they achieve escape velocity. Now imagine how much more it would take for something as huge as a dragon.

And of course, the news are still devoid of any dragons. They talk about hunger and wars. About the breech in the wall around the Gaza strip. About silly, small stuff - compared to this.
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I've been walking around in a kind of a daze today. At any chance, I looked up at the sky - but there were no dragons today. Maybe they were hidden by the cloud-cover... maybe they only fly when there's high winds.

Hmm... I wonder about the physics of getting a dragon off the ground, but the websites I've found contain nothing but speculations. I also wonder where they hide. Even here, where there's next to no wilderness left, they manage to conceal themselves so well that nobody's caught them.

And what do they eat, I wonder...

Anyway. One of my colleagues is planning a dragon-event. She showed me a piece of fabric she plans to pretend is dragon skin. I wonder if any of the children who's going to arrive at that event has seen a real-life dragon...
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The news have been filled with the ordinary tonight. Nothing new under the sun. No news.

I've heard rumors, though. About a new kind of animals that's turned up. I head the D-word mentioned. But... seriously. You hear a lot of rumors, don't you. And I didn't believe it. Well... not much.

But today, I saw the first one. Oh, it was far away, and very high up. Looked like a sea-gull mostly. Long, slender wings held almost stationary as it rode the wind. But there was something... odd about it. The long reptilian tail. A long neck, curved back like a great blue heron when it flies.

Tonight, I'm a believer. There are dragons in the skies.


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