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So... I'm hoping it's still Friday somewhere. I had a very long Friday at work, where we did a Harry Potter-thing for children. Turned one of our libraries into a beautiful Hogwarts, complete with great hall, banners hanging from the rafters and all. It was awesome - and the  kids had great fun.

Anyway... here's todays offering for Fan Friday:
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... so I'm really really bad at updating this blog. So this marks the first fan friday, which will hopefully be something fan-related every friday.

Today, it's going to be how I feel about Unending.

Me? I'd have preferred a 'back to basics' episode. With SG-1 going through the gate, meeting interesting Aliens, solving their problem (or getting  in trouble and getting back out of trouble), having a ball. And yes, then you could've gone the cheap route, and having it all been Jack's dream, as he's going to the SGC. Wake him up as they arrive, and then have him go down to stand in the control-room, as SG-1's gearing up for a real mission, bantering about what interesting aliens they'll meet on this unexplored planet. And then end as they walk up the ramp, through the 'gate - and Jack'll be behind them, watching.

See? 2 minutes, and I've come up with something I think is better by far. Because I used to love the old-style SG-1. Loved them exploring strange new worlds. Loved Jack in the center of it all. Because while I can buy Daniel being the central character in Stargate, I'm still partial to Jack-as-Dorothy. The one who goes out and finds new friends, who takes on a quest - not only for himself, but for his new-found friends as well (getting Sha're back? Freeing the Jaffa?).  And I think that to have a last episode of SG-1 with no sign of and no mention of Jack is... a crime.

...sorry, but that's just how I feel about it. What do you think?


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