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So... guess what I got in my mail today from Photobucket? Behind a cut to spare everyone )

Apparently, my love for McShep is personal enough to give gifts that "personal touch".

I'll consider it, Photobucket, I really will! XD
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No, no, I'm serious. Check out this post. No, really. Right now. I should probably warn you that it's not safe for having co-workers anywhere near you when you read it.

Thank me later - and check out the rest of the com while you're at it. James T. Kock-sucker deserves to be recognized for posterity... ROFLMAO!
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Okay, I just can't believe I haven't recced this before, but...

Nimaea does the most hilariously funny commentary on the various fashion-disasters of Jack O'Neill and Daniel Jackson ever! Seriously.

Lemme just quote one of the comments, and I dare you to not at least chuckle slightly.

Navy shirt!  Why?  Was there a navy shirt sensation sweeping the nation back in 2005 that I was unaware of?  Or maybe there's another, more sinister explanation.  Imagine, if you will, poor Sam and Teal'c 'round about season 6.  They're hot, they know it, and now even Daniel is floating around in the Sweater of Enlightenment, hotting it up on multiple planes.  But Jack?  Room temperature, dear readers!  His potential is vast, but his coats are so much vaster.  And so they intervene, acting on behalf of O'Neill Aficionados  everywhere.  Sam, certainly well meaning, perhaps buys  Jack a nice navy shirt or sweater to try.  "See?"  she asks.  "Isn't this so much better?"

And Jack, in an appalling show of vindictiveness and stubborn determination to look absurd at all times, retaliates.  Navy shirts, they say?  Oh, he'll wear navy shirts.  He'll wear nothing but navy shirts, and they will be sorry!

So... go. Visit. And enjoy - even if you've never watched a single episode of SG-1 in your life. I dare you not to laugh your butt off.

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I stumbled on this vid on somebody else's journal and then promptly forgot where - but, anyway... here it is:


Hilarious! So, so hilarious!

And, uhm, first thought: My God, Gibbs would freak out  about this, if it was somehow involved in an NCIS case - while Tony and Abby would love it to pieces and recreate bits of it thoughout the ep in the bullpen, Abby's lab, even the mortuary, because they're both <i>that</i> weird.


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