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So... I've given Merlin a bit of thought, lately, and - bearing in mind I still haven't seen all of season 3 - I think I've got an idea about what turned it from a must-see, entrancing series into something I can take or leave and - subsequently - primarily leave.

And... I'd better put this behind a cut... )

Well. That was my two... dollars. What do you think?
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Okay, okay, I owe someone a big apology for saying that I didn't find Colin hot.

Just watched him in Doctor Who. It's amazing what a black T-shirt, some rings and armbands and a really nice haircut can do for his hotness-level. Yowza!

... now I have a sudden craving for that Colin. Either in Doctor Who crossovers with Merlin - or in Merlin AU's...
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Okay, just had a Merlin-binge )
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My thoughts.... behind a cut )
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Damn you f-list! *shakes a futile fist*

You've well and truly converted me to the Merlin fandom. So... naturally, I've had to spend an evening making an icon for this shiny new fandom. Which is... *points to icon*

So let's hear it - yay or nay?

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Oh. My. GOD! Could Arthur and Merlin be any more married? The scene on the battlement! The late-night conversation in firelight! The late-night conversation about beds and floors and OMG Arthur's bare foot! *flails*

Please, for the love of Merlin, tell me this show doesn't get any slashier than this, because my heart just won't take it.


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... does there exist a story (or stories), where Arthur goes to Gaius to get a potion or something to combat the way he's beginning to look at guys?

'cause if there doesn't, I kinda want to write it... ;-)
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Yep, just like the subject says. Astolat is writing Arthur/Merlin-fic! I gotsa new fandom! Shiny! :-D

Uhm... speaking of... recs or lists of recs greatly appreciated from those Merlin-fans out there... :-)


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