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Just watched the two latest episodes of NCIS. That urge to shoot someone? Is growing ever stronger...

First Jet Lag, which - honestly? - was filled with 'meaningful looks' and 'carefully crafted hints'. I call'em anvils, myself. Big, heavy anvils, dropping on our heads.

So let's say the ending, where it was strongly hinted that, yes, Tony and Ziva shared a bed in that hotel room in Paris, was true. Then why the heck is Tony sightseeing all alone? Paris is the city of romance, yes? Also... OMFG, would you stop leaving your witness alone all the time?

Second... Masquerade. I didn't mind that episode so much... but WTF happened in those last few seconds?

Seriously? Gibbs is mad (understandably) that lawyer-lady has entered his house while he was at work. He's mad about a lot of things. One of them is that she's been taking pro bono-work that puts her in Gibbs' path. And next thing you know, they're about to kiss? WTF?

At this point I pretty much don't care about the whys and the wherefores - I'm just thoroughly annoyed at the frankly sucky story-telling.

Are we supposed to believe that all that hate and anger we've been seeing between Gibbs and Lawyer-lady was really attraction? If so... guys, you really need to join my writer's class ASAP.

Or are we supposed to believe that Lawyer-lady is wildly attracted (or just playing a game to get close) to Gibbs? And that Gibbs has realized that and is now playing along to get intel? Because if so... OMFG, I feel like I need a shower and I'm just watching the show! 
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I want to wish my f-list a very merry Christmas. At some points in the past year you've been my anchors to sanity - at other times you've been the pillars that kept me out of the muck. Thank you. :-)

And in that spirit, I finally got an ancient fic published - a tag for the lovely Requiem-episode from NCIS - over on my dreamwidth.
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Title: "I’m more Jack Russel Terrier"
Author: Dhae Knight
Word Count:
Pairing or Featured Characters:
Warnings and/or Spoilers:
Well... Kate and McGee are with the team. Does that count?
Author's Notes: This is crack. Blame it all on the wonderful SGA fandom with it's dolphins and penguins and goldfish. Oh, and on Gibbs' quote that he's more Jack Russel Terrier.
Gibbs and Tony vanishes and a Jack Russel terrier with a bad temper and an Abyssinian cat with green eyes turn up in stead. Weirdness ensues.

Over on my Dreamwidth fic-journal

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Don't think I ever posted this one - but now you get it! ;-)

Title: Tony has a thing for beauty (over on Dreamwidth)
Dhae Knight
Pairing or Featured Characters:
Warnings and/or Spoilers:
Early season 1 - episode tag to Hung out to dry
Tony gets his first look at Gibbs' boat, and reaches a few conclusions

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This one was written for NCIS_1000 the day after the prompt was posted. After which point I utterly forgot about it, so... I was in something of a rush to get it in under the deadline, so... Grammar- and spelling-comments are welcome on top of the usual comments (yes, I'm a comment-whore!)

Title: Changing tack
Dhae Knight
Word Count:
Pairing or Featured Characters:
NC17 – to be on the safe side.
Warnings and/or Spoilers:
Challenge #/Challenge Text:
#1/"I get the impression you've never done this before"
Author's Notes:
Utterly unbeta'ed because I'd forgotten about the deadline.
Gibbs wants to teach Tony a thing or two. Tony's open to suggestions.

Coffee to?: Tony. He's going to need it after the night he's about to have...

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When weird ideas pop up during the MiniNaNoWriMo - you write. Right? So... that's what I did.

Warning: Unsavoury uses for knitting needles and yarn - and the act of knitting - ahead. Nakedness will occur.

Onto fic )

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Okay, so... I was watching the 'I'll be there for you' vid on Melanie's website here and because that vid sums up beautifully why I love Gibbs/DiNozzo, I got inspired to write a little drabble for my [community profile] mini_nanowrimo commitment.

DiNozzo has his reasons...

Sometimes, he smiles at me. Rarely a big smile, but nice as those are, they aren't what I treassure.

No. The ones I treassure are the small ones. The reluctant ones. The ones that look like he's so amused he can't keep it from cracking his serious facade.

Hell, I'll even take the ones where he doesn't actually smile, but when his eyes narrow slightly and sparkle with amusement.

I'll pay the price, all the times when he's not amused. When he slaps me and when he verbally shots me down.

And some people wonder why I keep baiting Gibbs.

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Okay. This is... something. Don't know what to call it, really, except it's something I tend to do more or less consciously when I start burying myself in a new fandom.

This time, it's Gibbs, the wives and everything - in an attempt to explain what I see as inconsistencies in the way Gibbs is portrayed.

Where did this come from, you ask? I have no idea. It's written with season 2 in mind, but having just finished season 3, I see nothing to contradict it - on the contrary.

Incidentally, I know a lot of Gibbs/DiNozzo-fans out there don't like season 3, and I don't get it. I love their interaction in a lot of episodes - and I'm going to be writing about it - at length - when I get to watch again.

The one thing I cannot abide in season 3... is Jen. Madam Director. Jeez. It's like watching SGA, again, and Weir's unprofessional and annoying crush on Sheppard. Only here it's Sheppard's unprofessional and annoying crush on Gibbs that irks me muchly. And, seriously, what's with all the flashback-sex? In fact, I have to admit, it was those scenes that made me write this, in an attempt to fit that in with the mental image I'm making of Gibbs.

So, anyway, comment away :-D
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I stumbled on this vid on somebody else's journal and then promptly forgot where - but, anyway... here it is:


Hilarious! So, so hilarious!

And, uhm, first thought: My God, Gibbs would freak out  about this, if it was somehow involved in an NCIS case - while Tony and Abby would love it to pieces and recreate bits of it thoughout the ep in the bullpen, Abby's lab, even the mortuary, because they're both <i>that</i> weird.
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Title: Tony has  a thing for beauty.
Genre: Pre-slash
Rating: Safe for all ages.
Beta: Un-beta'd. All mistakes are belong to me.
Disclaimer: If I owned... nah, couldn't possibly be any more gay without my TV spontaneously combusting. All rights belong to whoever owns NCIS.

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Okay. After Smallville, I never thought I'd see a show that gay, but... along comes NCIS with some real winners. Like, say, High Seas.

In High Seas, the NCIS agent DiNozzo replaced calls Gibbs for help. There's trouble on the Enterprise (very fitting, actually), with a seaman who's doing drugs but, well, not doing drugs.

All in all... Oh. My. God. Who needs Queer as folk?
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So I started watching NCIS as my cable gave it's last gasps, and guess what? I got hooked. As if I need another fandom...

But... since what I watched on cable was a decent bit of season 3, I figured I'd go out and buy season 1. And now I'm even more hooked.

So, all in all, fun and easy to watch. I'm going to be hanging around in this one for a while; but if you think I'm going to abandon SG-1, well... nope! Not getting rid of me that easily...


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