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Yes, yes. I admit it. Hotch is cute (if, yes Hotch, you called it yourself), and Beth is... well. Beth.

But please, please, for the love of every deity in existence, please tell me that I'm not the only woman who calls foul on Beth's dress at the end there? Who the heck dresses like that for a quiet night at home? If she hadn't been surprised at Hotch's appearance, if he'd called ahead or something, yes. But on an average night when your might-be-boyfriend is ostensibly at the other end of the country chasing a serial-killer? Really?

So... I see only two options. Either the serial killer's capture was national news (which, yeah. No, I don't buy that), or Beth is keeping an eye on Californian news to keep track of her man and dressed up on the off chance that a) they flew back that evening and b) he'd move up their date.

Which, really? Brings me back to scary near-stalker status. I mean, I get being in love and finding every little thing he does absolutely fascinating, but... yeah. It still bugs me.

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So I went to the vet today, having scheduled Zasha's third vaccine.

When I got there, the vet was on the phone, so I just stayed in their store with Zasha, waiting until he was done. Still on the phone, without saying even a 'hello', he grabbed Zasha's crate, and put it into the clinic. Well, okay.

Still on the phone, he starts pulling out syringes and stuff. Okay, so he's probably busy or something. Then, still without talking to me, he pulls Zasha out of the crate and says - to the person on the phone - just a second, I just gotta sedate a cat. At which point I go 'huh?', but this guy's still on the phone, and it's my first trip to the vet; what do I know?

So... Another dude walks into the clinic, and the vet starts talking to this guy. And talking. And talking. Bear in mind he's still said nothing to me. And in the middle of this conversation with this other guy, the vet turns to me and says; "So, he's here to be neutered, right?" at which point I go; "Uh, no? He's here for a vaccine!"

So the doc sedated my cat because the next cat in was supposed to get neutered. Because he didn't take 30 seconds to verify who the hell I was!

On top of this, Zasha's reacted pretty badly to the sedation. In stead of the 45 minutes the vet warned me of, it took him 3 hours (and a trip back to the vet) for him to even wake up. Even now, 7 hours later, he totters around, and spends the vast majority of time sleeping. And I just let the vet know how shocked I am at his treatment.

I hope Zasha is feeling much better tomorrow, but I will figure out where to complain and do so just as soon as I've got the attention to spare. If that damn phonecall was so important, he should've finished it before starting treatment. :-/
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Here's a question for the ages: When did we begin turning backwards? When did we stop looking to and dreaming about the future?

I saw that question somewhere, and, thinking about it, I kind of feel like Star Trek is a pretty good indicator of when the future started changing from something we dreamt about, and hoped for - and turned into something we don't want to look too closely at, unless we're pretty certain it's safe.

The Original series, from 1966-69 was leaps and bounds ahead of anything else. It turned Sci-fi into main-stream entertainment in a way that wouldn't really be replicated until Star Wars came around a decade later. It showed us a universe much like the age of sail; they had a pretty good idea about the big picture, but there were still vast areas unexplored and undiscovered. It was a far more tolerant world than the US in the 60's, and it's probably safe to say that the dream Trek displayed of the future was part of the changes in the 70's. Original Trek was a dream about a world, three centuries into the future,

The Next Generation, from 1987-94 was just that; the next generation. Set a hundred years after the first series, it exists in a more ordered and thoroughly explored universe. One fraught with less uncertainty, and more moral qualms. It is, in many ways, a 'safe' future. It tells us 'don't worry - we'll make the universe a safe and ordered place'.

Deep Space Nine (1993-1999) and Voyager (1995-2001) took place just a few years - a decade at most, as far as I can tell - from Next Generation. The leap into the future had become more precarious, and undertaken with less gusto and bravery. Deep Space Nine explored a stationary space-station (situated at one end of a worm-hole, but still), while Voyager sent a ship hurtling deep into unfamiliar space, leaving them with an endless quest to get back home to safety. The days of bold exploration for the good of society were at an end, and there was a sense of 'home' and 'safety' being the absolutely overriding goals.

And then we arrive at Enterprise (2001-2005). The much-maligned prequel to the Original series, it did, by all accounts a fantastically poor job at pulling together all the lose ends that had developed in a 30-year canon. It took place at the end of the 22nd century - a hundred years prior to the original series. And it marked the end of the bold leaps forward. Now the showrunners looked back, in stead. Into the past of their cannon. Into (presumably) safer territory.

It's not a singular trend, either. Star Trek XI (2009) did exactly the same. Took us back to a time before the Original Series - but it was played even safer, and took the cast total of the Original series and played around with them. Did it well, certainly, but did it, again, without any leaps into the great, unknown future.

Star Wars did the very same. In stead of showing us the future - what happened after the war, with Leia, Han and Luke - it showed us 'safe ground', in the history's past; how Darth Vader came to be, and how the Empire rose. Here, even worse, we already knew how the movies would end. It was no surprise that Anakin would turn evil, nor that Palpatine would become the Emperor. No fear about the future needed - because we know where we're going.

What happened to make us scared of the future? When did we stop dreaming great dreams on behalf of all mankind?

When will we dream again?
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Just watched the two latest episodes of NCIS. That urge to shoot someone? Is growing ever stronger...

First Jet Lag, which - honestly? - was filled with 'meaningful looks' and 'carefully crafted hints'. I call'em anvils, myself. Big, heavy anvils, dropping on our heads.

So let's say the ending, where it was strongly hinted that, yes, Tony and Ziva shared a bed in that hotel room in Paris, was true. Then why the heck is Tony sightseeing all alone? Paris is the city of romance, yes? Also... OMFG, would you stop leaving your witness alone all the time?

Second... Masquerade. I didn't mind that episode so much... but WTF happened in those last few seconds?

Seriously? Gibbs is mad (understandably) that lawyer-lady has entered his house while he was at work. He's mad about a lot of things. One of them is that she's been taking pro bono-work that puts her in Gibbs' path. And next thing you know, they're about to kiss? WTF?

At this point I pretty much don't care about the whys and the wherefores - I'm just thoroughly annoyed at the frankly sucky story-telling.

Are we supposed to believe that all that hate and anger we've been seeing between Gibbs and Lawyer-lady was really attraction? If so... guys, you really need to join my writer's class ASAP.

Or are we supposed to believe that Lawyer-lady is wildly attracted (or just playing a game to get close) to Gibbs? And that Gibbs has realized that and is now playing along to get intel? Because if so... OMFG, I feel like I need a shower and I'm just watching the show! 
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Yeah. That's the conclusion I've reached. Why?

Because they do! )

So... yeah. Kinda annoyed by the "moms" today.
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I hate fan-fic writers who encourage people to comment on their fic - and then never bother to reply to the comment!

... I think I'm going to have to start a list of writers who won't bother with a simple 'thank you' to the people who put some effort into commenting about their fic - 'cause in that case? I'd rather make the effort with other writers who might appreciate getting comments about their fic!

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Lengthy update beneath a cut... )
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Okay, this isn't really going to be religion-friendly, so... Cut for sensibilities )
Nothing in life's free, and I like to chose what I buy carefully.

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... that my ISP conducts covert blocking. Some days, when I was downloading my backup of my Atlantis DVD's (yes, that's what I did. Own the lot of them, downloaded them to have a backup. Illegal, yes. Immoral? I don't think so), my Internet connection would suddenly disappear. Period.

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... is people jumping to conclusions.

Cut 'cause of rantage... )

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Okay, so I'm going to give Amazon the benefit of the doubt. For a week! Because this is so not okay!

Short story, just so you know what you'll be clicking on, is that the sales rankings has been stripped from a long, long list of gay and lesbian-themed books. Fiction, non-fiction, non-explicit and explicit - doesn't seem to matter.

According to Amazon's latest "statement of fail", it's a glitch. Odd how it's hit gay and lesbian books and not, say, explicitly pornographic books with heteronormal content. *eyerolls*

But, like I said, they're going to get the benefit of my doubt. Because it's possible this is the work of outside forces, using Amazon's own system of users flagging questionable content against them. 

Follow the link at your own risk - it'll land you right smack in the middle of the biggest internet-debacle since boldthrough - but it also contains a number of links that will help you understand what it's all about, really. Including a list of all books hit by this (I'm going to use that as a shopping-list at some point, I swear!)

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Okay, you know what? I give up!

I wanted Ubuntu to speed up my old laptop that's bogged down with way too much crap and heavy system tasks from Windows. But now? I give up.

It's not the system, as such. I actually like the look and feel of it. It's easy to use, easy to find your way around. Nothing's hidden beneath two layers of obscure references. Nice work, Linux!

It's not that, no. It's the damned network setup. Or... lack of same. It won't recognize my WLAN out of the box, which, okay, I suppose there are very good reasons for - but it won't recognize my ethernet, either. Which makes it something of a problem that, in order to fix these two problems, it needs an internet connection. I mean, WTF?!?

How about... oh, gee, I dunno, at least giving us an option to download the file we need to fix the ETHERNET-connection to a different computer and then transfer using another USB-drive? Or, better still, give me an option to download the file I need to fix my WLAN-connection!

*deep breath*

In totally unrelated news, I'm reading a rather depressing book about women's equality, which totally confirms my impression that women are expected to act a certain way, behave a certain way, want certain things - none of which are true for me!

The depressing thing? Is that this book was written just last year!


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Okay, misleading title. And then again... not so much, actually.

One of my local TV-networks is currently running Eli Stone. Which I actually wanted to see after watching the trailer. My memory and concentration-span being what it is, at the moment, I missed it.

I missed the first six episodes, actually.

Which is where the copyright-concept comes in.

It would've been entirely legal for me to record Eli Stone from the television to a VCR, DVD or Hard drive, all for my later, and repeated, perusal.

It's illegal for me to download season 1 on-line, to watch once - to decide whether or not I want to actually buy the damn thing.

This, to me, is illogical. I pay my TV-tax (which is applicable these days, whether you actually own a TV or not - yet it's still something you need to pay voluntarily). I've paid (through the price of my media) the media-tax that's been added to blank recordable media as per request of the movie- and music-industry.

Oh, well. I suppose I'm just going to have to wave 'bye-bye' to my hopes of watching Eli Stone, and tell the owners of Eli Stone to wave 'bye-bye' to any chance of seeing my money. Because the one thing I will not do? Is buy a TV-show unseen.

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Yesterday, I got a bit of workplace joy.
Beneath a cut... )

In related news - My former boss is now back to being all friendly and talkative. Meh. I'm single-syllable'ing her for the time being. ;-)

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Whew! LJ sure doesn't like to make it easy or, y'know, userfriendly (yeah, I know, dirty word) to create a custom mood-theme.

How about... making it possible to just skip straight to the ScrapBook-gallery where you've just uploaded your pictures, in stead of having to open each and every one of them by hand and copy-paste the gosh darn URL? Even the webpage I use at work (which was created by monkeys with typewriters, I kid you not - not even the statistics works!) gets this.

Or... novel idea, here. How about making it possible to just... name the pictures in said ScrapBook gallery appropriately (as in, mood-theme names) and then being able to just point to said ScrapBook gallery and then LJ could do the rest of the work?

But... nooooo! Got to sit and manually open each and every freakin' picture, copy-paste the URL, discover that, no, that URL's no good. Go external and find help. Then go back in with a user-created .txt-file. Open each and every freakin' picture, copy-paste the URL, search-and-replace size and mood-theme ID, then go back over each line of text and delete-replace (by hand, obviously) the /3g with .jpg, then re-find the darn box to copy-paste the whole thing into and cross my fingers it actually works.

caramba! I guess the best thing you can say about LJ is that they want to waste as much of our time as they possibly can, while giving us an enormous sense of accomplishment when we actually succeed in doing something semi-creative.

But - hey look! Pretty, cranky and tied-up-with-leather John Sheppard. Life's good. :-D

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Whew! *takes a deep breath*

Just sent off a fairly lengthy mail to my two colleagues and the two bosses that are involved, where I - point blank - ask if my illness-induced inability to recognize work others expect me to do (but can't quantify or, y'know, talk to me about) is the cause of the trouble we've been having lately.

I know, I know... 3 a.m. isn't the greatest time to be writing something like that - but I just couldn't sleep until it was done, so... now it's done. And I really, really tried to keep it toned down and sober (not a big surprise to those of you reading my blog, that's not really my strong suit), but I think I mostly succeeded. Also, hopefully, mostly succeeded in not being too confrontational about the whole thing and centering it around me, my experiences, my emotions, my needs...

So... yeah. Basically asked a question and pointed out that if my supposition is true I see no alternative to me leaving this workplace ASAP, so they can swap me for someone they can use (although, that wasn't quite the language I used. ;-))

DONE! Thank God! That's a weight off my chest. Until... oh... 7 a.m. when I'll probably wake with a pounding heart and start worrying about whether or not they'll be insulted, feel that I'm a busy-body, feel that I'm jumping the shark... Yeesh! I need a sensitivity-transplant, STAT!
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Today's one of those days where it's not so much the fear of death, as it's the thought that there are at least a few people in the world who'd miss me if I was gone that's keeping me from doing something drastic. Why, you ask?

Yet another saga of workplace woe... )

You know what? I don't care anymore. Here's my friday resolution: I'm going to do my job as I understand it, and as it's been explained to me. I'm going to do it as well as I can. And fuck anyone who don't approve! :-(

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So... Iceland's got a new female PM. Good for them. But the big news here, apparently isn't that she's a woman or... well, anything about her. No, what makes the head-line is that she's *looks around furtively* a lesbian.

I mean - what? That's the big news? WTF world?

That's like...

Oh, hell, you know what? That's like the most important thing about the US election being all about Obama being a black man.

Forget I said anything. *is disappointed in world*


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