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Okay, I just can't believe I haven't recced this before, but...

Nimaea does the most hilariously funny commentary on the various fashion-disasters of Jack O'Neill and Daniel Jackson ever! Seriously.

Lemme just quote one of the comments, and I dare you to not at least chuckle slightly.

Navy shirt!  Why?  Was there a navy shirt sensation sweeping the nation back in 2005 that I was unaware of?  Or maybe there's another, more sinister explanation.  Imagine, if you will, poor Sam and Teal'c 'round about season 6.  They're hot, they know it, and now even Daniel is floating around in the Sweater of Enlightenment, hotting it up on multiple planes.  But Jack?  Room temperature, dear readers!  His potential is vast, but his coats are so much vaster.  And so they intervene, acting on behalf of O'Neill Aficionados  everywhere.  Sam, certainly well meaning, perhaps buys  Jack a nice navy shirt or sweater to try.  "See?"  she asks.  "Isn't this so much better?"

And Jack, in an appalling show of vindictiveness and stubborn determination to look absurd at all times, retaliates.  Navy shirts, they say?  Oh, he'll wear navy shirts.  He'll wear nothing but navy shirts, and they will be sorry!

So... go. Visit. And enjoy - even if you've never watched a single episode of SG-1 in your life. I dare you not to laugh your butt off.

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... Okay. For the longest time I thought Jack was a staunch Republican, and Daniel was a vocal Democrat, and with the recent elections (congrats to the Democrats, BTW), well... I just had to write this. Set post-series and post-movies, just so we're clear.

Here's hoping that damn cut works. Man, I hate the new thing they've done to the lj-cuts! :-(

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 Stargate has always had a close relationship with the story of Oz. The Wizard of Oz has been referenced many times in the show, and the PTB's themselves, has frequently hinted at a relationship between the Wizard of Oz and Stargate.

But is a comparison as simple as all that? Is it so simple, that Sam Carter, being the only female on the show is Dorothy? Is Jack O'Neill really the Scarecrow without a brain? Is Daniel the cowardly lion (as he was in '200')? And is Teal'c a given as the Tin Man?

As you've probably already realized - I don't think it's that simple.

Anyway... that's just how I feel about it. What do you think?
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Gotta spare you a lengthy post and just...
cut... )
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Title: As generals go...
Rating: No Warnings
Word Count: 1052
Timeline/Spoilers: Missing scenes from The Return
Archive Rights: If you want it, grab it. If you post it elsewhere all I want is a mail so I know where it's going.
Disclaimer: Do I look like I own the Stargate franchise? No, didn't think so. I'm just having fun with it - no harm meant.
Written for [community profile] mini_nanowrimo

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... so I'm really really bad at updating this blog. So this marks the first fan friday, which will hopefully be something fan-related every friday.

Today, it's going to be how I feel about Unending.

Me? I'd have preferred a 'back to basics' episode. With SG-1 going through the gate, meeting interesting Aliens, solving their problem (or getting  in trouble and getting back out of trouble), having a ball. And yes, then you could've gone the cheap route, and having it all been Jack's dream, as he's going to the SGC. Wake him up as they arrive, and then have him go down to stand in the control-room, as SG-1's gearing up for a real mission, bantering about what interesting aliens they'll meet on this unexplored planet. And then end as they walk up the ramp, through the 'gate - and Jack'll be behind them, watching.

See? 2 minutes, and I've come up with something I think is better by far. Because I used to love the old-style SG-1. Loved them exploring strange new worlds. Loved Jack in the center of it all. Because while I can buy Daniel being the central character in Stargate, I'm still partial to Jack-as-Dorothy. The one who goes out and finds new friends, who takes on a quest - not only for himself, but for his new-found friends as well (getting Sha're back? Freeing the Jaffa?).  And I think that to have a last episode of SG-1 with no sign of and no mention of Jack is... a crime.

...sorry, but that's just how I feel about it. What do you think?
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Well this is going to be cut for length, so...

Cut )

Would you believe I've been trying to post this ting for the past 2 weeks? *shakes fist at lj*
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I wrote a few Five things - again.

Here be links:

Five reasons Jack never proposed to Sam:
AKA Jack O'Neill's super-duper top 5 reasons to never ever get involved with Carter.

Five reasons Jack never proposed to Sam:
As others saw them.

Five ways John Sheppard ended up with Cameron Mitchell's job:
Part 1
Part 2

Five times Teal'c was raised on Earth:
Part 1
Part 2
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Okay, so this is way, way, waay overdue from [profile] sg1_five_things set 16

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I had a debate with some of the lovely folk over at JackslashDaniel.com about Jack and guns, which really helped me think more or less coherently about Jack O'Neill and his relationship with guns.

Let's see if I can be something approaching coherent on the subject here.

On a semi-related note; four people were killed today and two more critically injured in a car-accident. Two young guys were joyriding, lost control of their car and hit another car. They both died, taking two innocents with them.

Do I think banning movies like 2 fast 2 furious would have prevented it? No.

Do I think that maybe, if movies like 2 fast 2 furious also showed the consequenses of street-racing and how bad things can turn out when you're speeding, a father and his teenage daughter wouldn't have died last night?

I'd hope so.

So... here's a thanks to RDA for returning, in some small way, realism to the TV-screens of the world.
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So I started watching NCIS as my cable gave it's last gasps, and guess what? I got hooked. As if I need another fandom...

But... since what I watched on cable was a decent bit of season 3, I figured I'd go out and buy season 1. And now I'm even more hooked.

So, all in all, fun and easy to watch. I'm going to be hanging around in this one for a while; but if you think I'm going to abandon SG-1, well... nope! Not getting rid of me that easily...
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I've been watching SG-1 with a friend of mine (yes, I've been corrupting her since I sat her down and showed her that Buffy was more than just another stupid teenage-show), and of course, my own slashy favorites has been shining through.

Still, it was through no prodding of mine she noticed that the Sam/Jack chemistry is pretty much non-existant in Threads - which is unfortunate, given the scene we were watching at the time was the very moving hug "I'll always be there for you"-scene at Jacob's deathbed.

So I got to thinking. And then I got to watching. And you know what I noticed?

I noticed that RDA and AT actually has pretty decent chemistry going on behind the scenes. And that's just plain odd.

So suddenly, my friends question whether or not they were directed that way, became a lot more relevant, and a lot less straightforward.

I can't believe that RDA and AT are being directed to show less attraction - given how much the show tries to force Jack/Sam on us.

So... maybe this is all just rationalizing why I don't like the Jack/Sam romance being shoved down my throat...

Maybe it's just that I like to keep ships and pairings out of the conventional canon and allow people's minds to roam freely.
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Title: Balancing
Author: [info]dhae_knight
Rating: PG
Pairing: None
Beta: Unbeta'd
Words: 1,099
Notes: Episode related (Absolute Power), angst, character deaths.
Summary: I always felt the dream-sequence in Absolute Power lacked a decent ending - so I wrote one.
Disclaimer: If I owned, we'd still have Jack on the show. I'm just playing in other people's sandboxes.

On to fic )


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