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There's a glut of brilliant fic in the SGA-fandom, and I'm a sucker for angsty transformation-fic. [livejournal.com profile] beadattitude's Checkmate-verse pushes all of my buttons. It's gen a good long way through, so you don't have to be a lover of McKay/Sheppard to read it.

In brief: Sheppard gets turned into a cat. He still thinks like Sheppard - just in a black house-cat shape. Seriously. This is the fic that made me seriously think about getting a cat or two... :-)

... What're you still doing here? Go read! :-D

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This isn't quite Gen, and not quite Slash, either. Confused? SGA isn't mine - was there ever any doubt?

I watch him sleep: Sheppard:

I watch him sleep. It isn't the first time. With the number of off-world missions we're on, it isn't going to be the last, either.

But it always hurts worse, watching him sleep in the infirmary. Yes, it's better than having to watch him hurt in the field, but...

Mostly, he's still when he sleeps. I guess that figures, given how much energy he expends during the day. He's quiet tonight. Sleeping on his stomach – that's going to be hell on his back, I think. His crooked mouth slack and drooling slightly into the pillow.

He looks so young when he sleeps. Even with the receding hair-line and thinning hair; even with the fine lines on his face, he looks like a kid when he's sleeping. It makes me want to...

No. He's my team-mate. My friend. He can't be anything else to me.

I'm sorry, Rodney. I can't give you what you want.


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