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Finally, lj seems to have glommed onto the fact that they have a lot of angry and vocal customers out here, and seemingly intend to do something about it.

I'll keep abreast of which comms and journals are actually returned to their rightful owners; but if lj does this right, they might just get a paying customer in me - which I was otherwise not really intending to become.

Nice catch, lj! Next time... pay attention to the first emails you start getting from angry users - and don't wait until it's on c|net news...
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Okay, everyone is pissed about this - which I totally understand. Legitimate fancomms and journals are being deleted in this witch-hunt - as well as some survivor-groups.

My point is that LiveJournal has made a big, huge mistake in this.

Maybe they had bad legal counseling, I don't know; but I can't see how this is going to end well for lj.

The fact is, that by deleting these journals and comms, they are assuming responsibility for user generated content. Which, in turn, means they're assuming responsibility for every single journal entry ever made in the history of LiveJournal - and that's an impressive amount of content, which they have *no* effective way of policing.

Had I been advising lj, I would have advised them to deny removing journals whole-sale and in stead encourage complaints about specific journals/comms. That would bring it down to a number of complaints (I'm guessing) which lj staff would be capable of looking into. If they did find legally questionable content, they should surrender the information to whichever law enforcement agency takes care of such things. Then they should aid them in gathering evidence - and only then purge the journal/comm.

If they didn't find questionable content - they should refuse to do anything. It would help them build a case against media and advertisers who might be alerted by people like - oh, say, Warriors for Innocense, which seems to be the instigators of this particular disaster. It would help them say: we don't accept illegal content on our site and we work with LE to bring the people posting such content to justice. But we aren't the moral guardians of our users, either. If it isn't illegal, we have no reason to remove it.


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