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So... Today was the day of turning in my thesis. Which I have to drive to the nearby town to do. I had no stress, because I finished everything on Tuesday, so I was golden.

Right up until the point I get in my car, turn the key, and nothing happens. At 11. And we have to turn them in by 12 at the latest. Straight off, there are two choices; taking the bus (which has its closest stop about 10 minutes walk from the office where we have to deliver them at, you guessed it!, 10 minutes to12). Or take a chance that my local mechanic would help a panicked student and lend me some power.

Thankfully, he did, and I turned in my thesis with a whole 10 minutes to spare!

Afterwards, a flock of us went out to eat lunch, which was really nice, but afterwards I kinda wanted to go home. Which turned out to be a good idea since I have, at current, a temperature of 39 celsius (102.2 fahrenheit) so I feel utterly crappy.

Anyway. Just wanted y'all to know that with my thesis done I might get to do some fun stuff once again... ;-)
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I've been walking around in a total daze these past few days, head buzzing with theories on learning, games, behaviorism, memory... Well. Pretty much, you name it, I've worked to absorb it.

Yesterday I felt like the whole thing was an absolute mess, but, just possibly a mess about to coalesce into something useful.

This morning... It kinda did! I'll have to chuck a few of the theories I've been working on, and rework *everything* to make it fit, but there's a grander purose to it all, now, and to top it off, I think it will help me formulate my own theory (which, really, was the point of this whole thesis). So... Yay!

Oh, BTW, I'm working on figuring out how places like museums can disseminate information to their visitors and give the visitors a good experience doing it. Interesting (and necessary!) work, but jeez I'm pulling from a lot of fields I know absolutely nothing about. Still... I feel like this will be good! Today, at least, I'm downright optimistic! :-D


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