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So I went to the vet today, having scheduled Zasha's third vaccine.

When I got there, the vet was on the phone, so I just stayed in their store with Zasha, waiting until he was done. Still on the phone, without saying even a 'hello', he grabbed Zasha's crate, and put it into the clinic. Well, okay.

Still on the phone, he starts pulling out syringes and stuff. Okay, so he's probably busy or something. Then, still without talking to me, he pulls Zasha out of the crate and says - to the person on the phone - just a second, I just gotta sedate a cat. At which point I go 'huh?', but this guy's still on the phone, and it's my first trip to the vet; what do I know?

So... Another dude walks into the clinic, and the vet starts talking to this guy. And talking. And talking. Bear in mind he's still said nothing to me. And in the middle of this conversation with this other guy, the vet turns to me and says; "So, he's here to be neutered, right?" at which point I go; "Uh, no? He's here for a vaccine!"

So the doc sedated my cat because the next cat in was supposed to get neutered. Because he didn't take 30 seconds to verify who the hell I was!

On top of this, Zasha's reacted pretty badly to the sedation. In stead of the 45 minutes the vet warned me of, it took him 3 hours (and a trip back to the vet) for him to even wake up. Even now, 7 hours later, he totters around, and spends the vast majority of time sleeping. And I just let the vet know how shocked I am at his treatment.

I hope Zasha is feeling much better tomorrow, but I will figure out where to complain and do so just as soon as I've got the attention to spare. If that damn phonecall was so important, he should've finished it before starting treatment. :-/

Meet Zasha

Sep. 9th, 2011 03:05 pm
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So... I went and picked up my kitty yesterday afternoon. And I've already got pictures of him!Read more... )


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