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My new beginning has... begun. I'm sitting in my room at the boarding school, after a grueling four hours of introductions - including a 2-hour treasure-hunt up and down in a labyrinthine, thee-story (complete with several creepy basements), three-wing building and outside in sub-zero temperatures in the pitch black night to look for well-hidden pieces of paper. You... might have warned us we were going to have to hike 300 yards in one direction to find just one of the ones outside so we could've dressed properly, you know. *feels ill-treated*

Anyway... so far it seems like a nice place. We're 32 in all of which 3 have been here before. I'm guesstimating that 10-15 of them are on my course, so that's going to be a lot of fun tomorrow.

On the downside... they're such kids! Seriously. Barely a one of them over 25. God, I feel old, now. And it totally doesn't help that one of them asked me: "So you're not worried about being mistaken for one of the teachers, then." Oh, thanks, girl! :-(

Well... no matter. I'm here for what I can learn - not to make friends or party like it's 2010. I'll get along with them just fine, but right now? I really doubt I'm going to be fast friends with any of them.

Ah hell... I'm sure the whole world will look brighter after a good night's sleep. :-)


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