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Name:Dhae Knight
My name is, in fact, not Dhae Knight, but it's my fandom alias since I like to keep my RL and fannish life separate. If you ask prettily, I might even give you the (entirely uninteresting and boring) story behind my alias.

None of this, however, means I won't be bitching (or squeeing) about RL things on this journal. Feel free to ignore it, though.

I am either a very loyal or a very fickle fan, depending on whether you look at how many fandoms I've been involved with over the years and how many I'm still hanging onto, decades after their cancellation.

I do write fanfic (mostly, but not exclusively, slash). I will post links to it here, and eventually get it all onto AO3 (best. archive. ever!), but if you're looking for a (mostly) complete list, go visit Dhae's Delights - my fanfic journal.

Following is open, friends welcome, comments always adored and treasured.

So c'mon in, have a seat, and waste some time with me.
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