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Well... woohoo! I just bought myself a new cellphone. Which... okay, it's been a while coming. The one I had I got as a christmas-gift. In 2000!

And I know, I know - "pictures or it never happened", right? So... there be pictures for you. )

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I've just realized that those two words really describes two of the things I do better than anyone else I know. I solve problems, but what I do most of all? Is spot the traps.

I always did this. Way back in school, it was how I got good grades in stuff like math, because I always looked for the trap. Once I'd spotted that - solving the problem was simple. And the few times I couldn't spot the trap - I failed miserably (I remember, in particular, cartons of milk and a box to put them in. Yes, it's left a scar.)

Another thing I do really, really well is build worlds. I dream up worlds in their entirety. Trade-relations, politics, where the faultlines are, where the nature impacts the humans - and the other way around. I imagine. I suspect that's also why I enjoy good sci-fi so much, because that's also what I do. I project the present into the future, shaping it to fit what I want it to do, shading it light or dark to fit my mood.

Really... you'd think that skills like that, I'd be able to find a really good job, wouldn't you? My current job doesn't want to use those talents (like, at all!), and I've got no clue where to look for at job where such talents would not only not be a burden - but would be important assets.

You guys got any bright ideas?

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Yeah, yeah, sounds weird, I know. But they're so cute! And cool! And... all-around awesome.

I know at least one on my flist will get a serious kick out of the 60's batman-and-robin and the Harley Quinn that's just so cute I want to own. And I'm not even that big of a batman-fan!

So... go. Check out the my little pony mods


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