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Yes, yes. I admit it. Hotch is cute (if, yes Hotch, you called it yourself), and Beth is... well. Beth.

But please, please, for the love of every deity in existence, please tell me that I'm not the only woman who calls foul on Beth's dress at the end there? Who the heck dresses like that for a quiet night at home? If she hadn't been surprised at Hotch's appearance, if he'd called ahead or something, yes. But on an average night when your might-be-boyfriend is ostensibly at the other end of the country chasing a serial-killer? Really?

So... I see only two options. Either the serial killer's capture was national news (which, yeah. No, I don't buy that), or Beth is keeping an eye on Californian news to keep track of her man and dressed up on the off chance that a) they flew back that evening and b) he'd move up their date.

Which, really? Brings me back to scary near-stalker status. I mean, I get being in love and finding every little thing he does absolutely fascinating, but... yeah. It still bugs me.

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Okay, so I somehow stubled upon this: Lt. Col. John Sheppard Writes Awesome Fanfiction about Himself and His Buddies and also he is really, really cool. No, he is! which is totally hilarious, and makes so much sense out of Vegas being Sheppard's fanfiction about himself.

Which got me to thinking...

Spoilers behind the cut... )

And thus - neatly - the last few episodes of season 5 turns into something that isn't really canon. Which, honestly? I'm perfectly fine with. :-)
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Just going to put the whole thing behinda cut, because anyone who hasn't seen the last episode of Stargate Atlantis (5x20 in case you're wondering), will a) not understand what I'm going on about and b) get thoroughly spoiled. You have been warned!

Onto the thoughts... )
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Okay. After Smallville, I never thought I'd see a show that gay, but... along comes NCIS with some real winners. Like, say, High Seas.

In High Seas, the NCIS agent DiNozzo replaced calls Gibbs for help. There's trouble on the Enterprise (very fitting, actually), with a seaman who's doing drugs but, well, not doing drugs.

All in all... Oh. My. God. Who needs Queer as folk?


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