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So, I'm a fan of RDA, which should come as a surprise to absolutely noone. Which means I drool right along with everyone else when I watch Pandora's clock.

Entriely aside: I hate the fact I can't buy Pandora's clock and a bunch of other movies with RDA. What's with that? I'm acutally terribly, terribly tempted to download the crappy version you can probably find on BitTorrent or eMule or something - when in reality I'd pay for it on DVD. So... excuse me, movie-makers... but I wouldn't yell too loudly about people pirating your movies, while you refuse to give us a legal way to acquire them.

And, sure, I know it isn't that black-and-white, because there are people who record movies in cinnemas and what-not, but I'll dare the comment that the people who download those crappy versions aren't real movie-fans anyway. Or they could never stomach 2+ hours of gritty, bad-quality film.

And really, it wouldn't cost them a bundle. Digitize your movies and put them on a big server - and burn-on-demand. It wouldn't cost you anything, because the price would be equal to the cost. You'd get a lot of happy customers - and you could, with a clear conscience, hunt the remaining pirates into the ground, for all I care.

Aanyway... I was talking about Pandora's clock, which I always thought was a mini-series. So imagine my surprise when I was shelving books at my local library - and found a book titled Pandora's clock! Turned out it was the book the mini-series was based on.

I couldn't resist, of course. So I borrowed it. And laughed out loud somewhere in the first 10 pages, because our female heroine spots this totally drool-worthy captain at the airport and can't tear her eyes from him. And... yes... she practically drooled. Which all makes perfect sense to me, because I've got this mental image of Captain Holland as portrayed by RDA. LOL

Seriously - they would've been hard pressed to find a better actor for the job. With the possible exception of Mark Harmon, who doesn't have the height, nor the build. And, seriously, I can so overlook the descriptions of Holland's wonderful blue eyes, because I love RDA's brown ones so much...

Yes, I'm a fan-girl. Please, put me out of my misery...
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I had a debate with some of the lovely folk over at JackslashDaniel.com about Jack and guns, which really helped me think more or less coherently about Jack O'Neill and his relationship with guns.

Let's see if I can be something approaching coherent on the subject here.

On a semi-related note; four people were killed today and two more critically injured in a car-accident. Two young guys were joyriding, lost control of their car and hit another car. They both died, taking two innocents with them.

Do I think banning movies like 2 fast 2 furious would have prevented it? No.

Do I think that maybe, if movies like 2 fast 2 furious also showed the consequenses of street-racing and how bad things can turn out when you're speeding, a father and his teenage daughter wouldn't have died last night?

I'd hope so.

So... here's a thanks to RDA for returning, in some small way, realism to the TV-screens of the world.
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Okay, so Jack's got a bit of an accent. But, in reviewing Children of the Gods I suddenly put two and two together.

Now, everybody knows George W's favorite actor is Chuck Norris. I'll leave all that I could say about that, unsaid.

I think he should take a look at Stargate SG-1 - and possibly exchange good ol' Norris for someone who can actually act like, say, Richard Dean Anderson.

It would, possibly, have the added bonus that he might learn to pronounce the  word Nuclear - which RDA can actually say. I gotta admit that every single time I hear George W., the man who's in control of the largest number of nuclear weapons in the world, pronounce it as nukelar... well, I get nervous...


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